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John 3:16

Glass Ornaments

by Leilani McGranahan

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Clear Glass Ball Ornaments
Dye-Based Ink Refills
Glitter (ultra fine and any color)
Ribbon, Raffia etc...
Small paper or plastic cup (ornament needs to sit on top)


Take clear glass ball ornaments and remove the top.

Rinse ornament out with water, drain water. (helps ink cover inside)

Drop about 18-22 drops of one color of ink refill into the ornament.

Swirl ink around the inside of the ornament until inside is covered.

(Only add one color ink refill (dye based ink) or it will create a muddy
mess and won't look very nice.)

If there is excess ink, turn the bulb upside down and let the excess ink
drain off into a paper/plastic cup OR onto your ink pad!
(thanks for that tip Jodie V!)

While draining, take a business card size piece of cardstock and fold
in half hotdog style.

Pour approximately 1/2 teaspoon glitter into the cardstock that is folded.
(You can mix different colors glitter here.)

Pour glitter into glass bulb, QUICKLY, put a small piece of paper or
plastic over opening, to protect your finger, now ...SHAKE vigerously.

You should shake the glitter around *immediately* so that it doesn't sit
in one place forming a big blob of glitter.

Pour excess dyed glitter into a different paper/plastic cup.
(You can reuse it.)

Put the top back on the ornament.

Tie Organdy or Grosgrain Ribbon, Raffia or whatever you would like around
the top or just leave it plain.